Insurance Claims: Fire, Water, Mold, etc.

There can be any number of reasons that property owners need to have their flooring replaced due to damage. The good news is that the vast majority of events or incidents that can damage flooring are usually covered under homeowner’s insurance.

One unattended broken pipe can damage the flooring on an entire floor within minutes. Even a small, localized fire can damage flooring not only by burning, but also due to soot and odors that defy removal. Moreover, the presence of mold is something that must be dealt with immediately, as certain types of mold spores are known to be health hazards to both humans and pets.

We Can Work With Your Insurance Claims

With every project, from one room of carpet, tile, wood or luxury vinyl to a complete home renovation, we begin by learning about your personal taste and needs, education about the correct products for the project, and an exchange of ideas. This process will lead to a full understanding of the project. We will guide you through the whole design process, from optimal use of space to selection of materials and blending of colors. That way, we can execute your project with confidence. ​

Let us show you how we can assist in getting new, high-quality flooring back into your spaces quickly and within budget. If your home has damaged flooring, and you need help with your insurance claims, we encourage you to contact us.

We can deal with emergency damage from fire, water or mold. Plus we can remove asbestos and lead. Our specialists use the latest equipment and techniques to clean up and restore properties. And we respond fast!